Our Pride

Children are the Future

Everybody today complains that the standard of our national education has nosedived. That is a statement of fact as those players in education field are confronted with an impossible challenge aimed at bringing about sanity to the polluted atmosphere dominated by ill-equipped practitioners who should not have anything to do with education. The end-result of current practice is a baffling population of poor quality products from our schools and tertiary institutions. To arrest the situation something has to be done and this is precisely the reason for Subuola Secondary School.

Subuola Secondary School is not just a project without an antecedent or what can be reffered to as its Root; that is, Subuola Memorial Nursery and Primary School founded on 17th January 1972. That school has consistently pursued Excellence in the provision of education for its pupils. Unprecedented successes as its old students have made their mark at the national and international levels after qualifying in high grades from tertiary institutions.

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